• Importance of Sun Protection Clothing

    May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month How to Stay Sun Safe & Wrinkle Free with Patchington Here at Patchington we’re focused on carrying stylish sun protection you actually want to wear.  Did you know our sun safe styles are wrinkle-resistant and can help prevent signs of aging?  Keep reading to... View Post
  • "Dress" Your Way

    It is true; dresses are very comfortable, whether you have a figure that is long and lean or one that is more curvaceous, there are dresses available to flatter both your shape and your lifestyle! Patchington has dresses perfect for every occasion that are fun and comfortable to wear. Our dresses... View Post
  • Capris & Skorts Through Time!

    Capris Capris became increasingly popular in the 50’s as a revolutionary new sporty-casual look. Pedal Pushers or Clam Diggers are other names given to the capri pant, projecting a perky, fun image that is less cumbersome than a full length pant or jean. Capris can be embellished, cuffed, or basi... View Post

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