Capris & Skorts Through Time!


Capris became increasingly popular in the 50’s as a revolutionary new sporty-casual look. Pedal Pushers or Clam Diggers are other names given to the capri pant, projecting a perky, fun image that is less cumbersome than a full length pant or jean. Capris can be embellished, cuffed, or basic. Pedal Pushers appeared frequently in films from the 50’s – worn by classic actresses such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day, and Sophia Loren.

Audrey Hepbrun in Capris
The name capri came from the Italian resort island of that name. In the 50’s Capri the island, became a popular resort, and was heavily visited by tourists – especially day trippers.

Patchington capris are a wardrobe staple, almost seasonless taking you from spring & summer through to fall. 


Montgomery Ward claimed the invention of the skort in their 1959 spring/summer catalog. The short accordion pleated skirt had an attached bloomer underneath. In recent years the term skort was given to any skirt that had an attached short. Before that, skorts were a pair of shorts at the back with a wrap front. 

1950's skortWomen wear skorts not only for fashion, but for functionality. They are increasingly popular in many sports such as tennis, golf and pickle ball.
The first skort noted to be worn in tennis was done so by Spanish player, Lili Alvarez, who wore a pair of culottes that were shaped to resemble a skirt during her 1931 Wimbledon match. Lili Alvarez in a skort 1931
Skorts are gaining popularity in fashion. Patchington sells sun protection skorts with UPF 50+, skorts with a scalloped hem for a sassy, feminine look. You can find them in seasonal patterns and solid colors to pair with any print top in your wardrobe.
Patchington skort
eniwear skorts
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