Destination Collection - Print Batwing Tunic

An abstract black and white circular design with slit arm detailing.

Part of our exclusive Travel Pod Collection designed by our buyers with our customers in mind. This collection is intended to be mixed and matched for effortless style and versatility. Each product in this collection is travel friendly, resists wrinkling, easy to care for, and easy to wear. Each product is lightweight which makes them perfect for packing and ideal for layering. The products are designed with unique asymmetrical hemlines to make them extremely figure flattering! Wear each of these key pieces with each other or with other staples in your wardrobe for the perfect collection of sleek and sophisticated silhouettes that work with you from dawn until dusk.

  • IT-202P-P15
  • 95% Poly, 5% Spandex
IT-202P-P15 7517520 7517530 7517540 7517550
  • $87.50
  • $0.00
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