The Spring 2019 Fashion Trends You Need & Outfit Ideas

As Spring approaches we start looking forward to the longer days, resort vacations and cruises. All these festivities have us thinking about what we will wear. With warmer temps on the horizon we will be lusting for lighter fabrics, bold colors, and basically, anything to help us beat the heat. To help you put together your spring style, we’ve come up with a list of our own—top spring trends our buyers are loving—and we think you will, too!

Prints Charming

The arrival of Spring means only one thing…Prints! Prints are everywhere and all over the runways. We are breaking down our favorites and how to wear them.

Multi Tropics SLEEVELESS PRINT DRESS - Zoomed Image

Tropical Prints hit the fashion scene in a major way this season. These prints are no longer strictly for cruise wear, they have taken center stage. Everything from palm prints, seascapes, and lush vegetation. These energetic prints in vibrant colors are sure to wake up any outfit. Tropical prints pair well with crisp white, black and denim, as well as bold colors. Accessories should be bold and bright or made of textures like raffia, shell, and wood to give your look a more natural feel.

Womens MUSTARD/GREY  Ruffle Detail Top - Zoomed Image

Make a statement this spring with the graphic print trend. Whether that’s a bright clash of patterns or striking graphics, here’s how to update your look with bold graphic prints. Clash your prints and break the rules by wearing spots and stripes. Let the print be the star and pair your graphic print with neutrals and add a pop of color with bold jewelry.

Gingham is a trend that's in all the style magazines this year — and this cute pattern seems to be in every store. Not only is gingham back in fashion in a major way this season, but it can also look refreshingly chic. Worn on its own or treat gingham as a neutral and print mix; the possibilities are endless.

Womens Floral Destination Collection - Trumpet Sleeve Top - Zoomed Image

Floral prints and spring are synonymous to each other. Florals keep topping the trend chart and even this year, floral print dresses have outdone themselves by ranking at the top. Floral prints easily brighten your mood and give a burst of fun to any look. Floral dresses are a spring go-to and the ease makes this a no-brainer. If floral separates are more your cup of tea then pair a floral top with a bold color skirt or pant. If you’re feeling more daring try pairing floral with another print like stripes or polka dots for a fashion-forward look.

Pops of Color

White Wonder Garden 3/4 HENLEY BLOUSE WITH APPLIQUE - Zoomed Image
Not everyone welcomes bold colors with open arms.  Black and white are a classic color combination and there are ways to add a pop of color to this iconic duo. Adding a bold color jacket or vest to a black and white ensemble injects a bit of color, or perhaps you want to add color with accessories. Pairing a colorful statement necklace or pair of shoes adds pizzazz.

How to Print Mix

Mixing prints have been a huge trend season after season with no sign of slowing down. You may be thinking “I can’t pull that off” or “I don’t know where to start.” Mixing prints can be so simple and subtle, or big and bold, whatever your preference. We are here to give you a few tips and tricks on how to mix different patterns and prints. The first tip is to match colors, not prints. Find two prints that share a common color like black and white. You can mix a black and white stripe with polka dots. This is a great start for someone who is unsure of whether or not they can pull off mixing prints. The same rule applies to other colors like blue. Pair a floral top with blue in it with a blue gingham or stripe. Keeping one color in common will put your nerves at ease about this trend. You can even mix prints with your accessories. A striped handbag with a leopard shoe totally works.
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