Sun Protective Clothing by Coolibar

Here at Patchington, we pride ourselves on being innovative trendsetters since 1969. Both our store locations and online boutique hold a variety of noteworthy brands, as well as an array of clothing and accessories. Each brand fulfills different opportunities and desires. By carrying unique new brands we offer our customers a personalized shopping experience that can cater to their passions and needs. 


What is Coolibar? 

Having started in Florida, Patchington already recognized the importance of sun protection. Dressing in Florida also means protecting yourself from the sun and staying cool during the humid times of the year. One of our unique choices is our newest brand, Coolibar. While we offer a wide array of products that are new to our collection, Coolibar is a health conscious and trendsetting company for all ages. Coolibar’s mission is to keep the world safe from sun damage, to protect those who suffer from a sun-related medical condition and to prevent everyone else from developing one. By carrying Coolibar now, Patchington is able to bring health, happiness, and life in the sun to customers everywhere.  


How does Coolibar work? 

During the design phase of their products, Coolibar reached out to medical advisors, the Melanoma Research Foundation (along with other organizations), dermatologists, athletes who spend a great deal of time outdoors, and cancer survivors for their assistance and advice on how to design fabrics with UPF in mind. They are the first clothing company to receive the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. Coolibar’s philosophy merges fabric innovation and styles that are classic with exceptional design details like hidden ventilation and specialized moisture management features so you stay cool, calm and covered. Coolibar’s UPF 50+ clothing and accessories are wear-tested, designed for maximum stretch and comfort, feel good against the skin and are designed for specific outdoor activities. 


Who is Coolibar for?  

While researching sun exposure and how to create sun safe clothing, Coolibar noticed something about the people who needed this protection the most. People who were more likely to have skin damage from the sun were very active people. They played sports, they had outdoor hobbies and lead more fit lifestyles. This research leads to Coolibar’s “user group” strategy in which they created all of their products to center around seven outdoor activities- swimming, golf and tennis, fishing and boating, fitness, travel, relaxing and garden parties. Each category was optimized to create comfort, coverage, and protection for any persons participating in these categories.  

(upscale occasion styles), designed to provide maximum comfort, coverage and UV protection for the whole family. 

What Coolibar products does Patchington offer? 

Available both online and in storesPatchington offers a great selection of both men and women's Coolibar products. This includes leisurewear, sportswear, and swimwear. Our women's tops come in a variety of options such as tank tops, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts and more. Swimwear is always in season with Florida’s high temperatures and waterfront coastlines. We sell a variety of swim apparel from Coolibar as well as bra tops, swim bottoms, full bodysuits, capris, leggings, shorts, skorts, shirts and jackets that are all waterproof, specifically designed for comfort and to help protect your skin. They are ideal for when you want to swim and lounge outdoors all day, no matter how sunny it is. You will have a guaranteed UV 50+ protection when you wear this top-notch swimwear.  You can be confident in its ability to keep your skin from UV radiation damage and put your worries aside, so you can enjoy your next beach outing with your friends or family.  


Coolibar for men. 

Our men’s line also has shirts, swim, shorts and more. These are perfect for men who consider themselves active or adventurous. Our men’s line was designed with comfort and style in mind. Golfing this Sunday? Try out our selection of shirts, shorts, and sun hats. Our pants offer the perfect protection from a jam-packed day in the sun.  


Patchington supports sun safety. 

Here at Patchington, we find it extremely important to help protect people from the harmful effects of UV radiation. For this reason, we have partnered up with the brand to bring our customers swimwear, tops, bottoms, hats and more that are designed with optimal comfort and SPF coverage in mind. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. This means that protection is essential for all ages. In addition to using sunscreen, sun protective clothing can help prevent harsh sun effects. This dependable company has worked hard, with health concerns and the creation of clothes with a great UPF in mind for all customers. You can rest assured that we have put great care and attention to detail with our new SPF clothing and other clothing lines. You know you will be getting a reliable product you can wear for years to come, all while feeling good about yourself care and image. 


How can you incorporate Coolibar with some of our other unique brands? 

You’ll love the tops and bottoms that we sell here at PatchingtonYou can shop in stores or look online for our wide selection. For instance, the Coolibar line is designed to keep you cool all while reducing your exposure to UV rays. The fabric is quite breathable and features fabrics and designs that have been tested and that support your comfort at all times. This is crucial, even after you’ve gone through years of harmful sun exposure. The capris and casual shorts from our other collections are fresh and will make you want to hit the golf course or outdoor locale to show them off. They pair wonderfully with Coolibar tops. Patchington also carries beach wraps, dresses, polos, shirts, skorts, skirts, tunics, hoodies and more. Get all of the layers you need to be cool and comfortable on the beach, boardwalk, or just out and about in town. Made of durable fabric, you’ll never have to worry about how your clothing will hold up in all kinds of conditions.  The crisp, clean lines, beautiful fabrics, bright colors, and fun patterns are sure to draw attention and impress everyone around you. Not only are these clothes attractive, but they also are comfortable and form fitting to your particular body type.  Another great pick is our selection of flip-flops. These pair with Coolibar swimwear for a nice day at the beach or poolside. These sweet styles are sure to become a favorite in your collection. Wear them while lounging on a nice day in your yard, or as you strut around town during your vacation. They are designed from eco-friendly materials and made to last, featuring premium arch support and soothing massage beads. Besides the clothing, Patchington sells different types of accessories to fit your needs. Be prepared for the warmer months by stocking up on several outfits you can wear for optimal screening from UV rays. It is important to find clothes you feel comfortable in, as well as make you feel good about yourself. With fresh and exciting styles for all ages, Patchington is the way to go for all types of apparel to wear year-round.  


Why should you try Coolibar? 

You can rest assured that we have put great care and attention to detail with our new SPF clothing and other clothing lines. You know you will be getting a reliable product you can wear for years to come, all while feeling good about your health and image. We want to instill confidence in our customers with not only a great shopping experience, but also clothes that do more than just flatter your figure. Put your trust in us by checking out the new line of clothing we have to offer today. You can’t go wrong with the attractive designs and artistry that has been put into each of these it. Stop by our website or contact us to try Coolibar today.