Resort Wear With UPF 50+ Makes For Fabulous Beach Resort Wear

Do you virtually mummify yourself just to sit in the sun? Do you swaddle yourself in caftans, shawls, scarves, Elton John-size sunglasses and maybe the baseball cap of some team you don’t even root for anymore? Do you do it all in the name of protecting yourself from sun damage?  

Unfortunately, that attire isn’t going to protect you, and you’re not going to see it on the Paris, London or New York catwalks anytime soon. There’s a much better way.  

Patchington resort wear is the answer. It’s not only fun and fashionable, but sun-protective. On your dream vacation, you’ll be able to stroll in the swirling white surf and play on glittering sand, untroubled by the sun.  

Our clothing, made with UPF 50+ fabric, makes for absolutely fabulous beachwear. UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) is not the same as SPF (sun protection factor). SPF is found in sunscreen lotions and measures their level of sun protection. On the other hand, UPF measures how thoroughly clothing blocks UV (ultraviolet) radiation.  

Our specialized fabric is rated UPF 50+ (the highest UPF rating) and blocks 49/50ths, or 98 percent, of UV radiation.  

The protective elements in sunscreen (zinc oxide and titanium oxide) are deeply fused within the fibers of all of our sun-protective fabrics. These substances deflect sun rays so that they don’t reach your skin. It’s protection that can’t ever be washed out and that resists sweat, chlorine and salt -- perfect easy, breezy care so you can focus on having fun in the sun.  

Whether you’re swimming, sailing, beach combing, water skiing or dining seaside, Patchington fabrics are uniquely designed for all of the activities that you enjoy:  

  • aqua SUNTECT fabric  

-- Perfect for swimming, surfing, water skiing  

-- Salt water/chlorine resistant  

-- Shape-holding stretch  

-- Fast-drying polyester/spandex  

  • 3Ddri SUNTECT fabric  

-- Great for walking, hiking, biking  

-- Moisture wicking  

-- Feather light  

-- Titanium dioxide UV blockers  

aire SUNTECT fabric  

-- Can be worn for picnicking, boating, hanging out at the beach  

-- Silky, wrinkle-resistant  

-- Titanium dioxide UV blockers  

-- Polyester/spandex  

  • ZnO SUNTECT fabric  

-- Wear it when you're camping, walking, traveling  

-- Super-soft  

-- Zinc oxide UV blockers  

-- Cotton/viscose from bamboo  

When you wear Patchington attire, you don’t have to sacrifice style for UPF protection. This resort wear has both! Browse our convenient online boutiques, and begin putting together your perfect resort wardrobe. Here are some ideas to get you started:  

  • Keep comfort in mind when choosing beachwear. Blouses with a relaxed fit and clean, classic lines are a perfect beach side staple. The effortlessly casual Sleeveless Keyhole Tank Top will flutter and flow in balmy tropical breezes. Try dressing it up with delicate, simple silver jewelry. Lightweight and versatile, the tank comes in three patterns and three colors.  

Nothing beats the classic scoop-neck tank for simplicity, timelessness, wearability and versatility. Make sure you take at least one of our Single Layer Tanks on any getaway for countless chic looks: dressy, casual, layered, paired with jeans, paired with dress pants or paired with skirts. A tank top is the cornerstone of countless relaxed beach ensembles.  

Add a dash of ruffles and a V-neck, and you’ve got a sassy version of the basic tank. The fanciful Sleeveless V-Neck Ruffled Tank is flamboyant without being gaudy.  

If you want more coverage, try the timeless stylings of the Three-Quarter Sleeve V-Neck Tunic. It can be worn on its own and also has endless layering possibilities. This tunic pairs very well with leggings and jeans. It comes in 13 luscious colors. You may be tempted to get them all!  

Give blouses with asymmetrical lines and strong geometric patterns a try. They’re visually intriguing and will add a lively pop to your vacation wardrobe. The Scoop Neck Asymmetrical Top is available in two eye-catching prints and one solid.  

  • If the sun slips behind the clouds, you will need protection. You can still burn when it’s overcast, so make sure you cover up. The casual Packable Sunblock Jacket will keep you cozy and protected. Ultra-soft and packable, this sporty jacket folds into its own left pocket. It’s available in four colors.  

What if you need a more polished look? Are you eating al fresco? Wandering the beach? Exploring the town? Then try slipping into the Women’s Sun Wrap. Soft, billowy and lightweight, the wrap comes in nine colors and four patterns.  

  • Think about adding short dresses to your resort destination wardrobe. A dress with a long hem might get wet if you’re meandering along the shoreline. Our charming Scoop Neck Dress is above-the knee resort wear with a flirtatious kick.  

Another nice choice is an A-line dress. It has plenty of fluid movement and can be worn if there’s a chill in the air. The Half-Sleeve Travel Dress is perfect for cooler temperatures and comes in two colorful, expressive prints.  

An alternative to wearing a dress on your next outing to the breakers is a skort. It’s perfect if you can’t decide whether to wear a skirt or shorts! The Knit Zip Skort, with its flattering knee-skimming length and zipper detail, is an instant resort classic. Choose from five colors and two prints.  

  • No resort wardrobe would be complete without swimwear. Other swimsuits don’t cover your shoulders, back, arms or chest, but the Women’s Long Sleeve Escalante Swimsuit protects these burn-prone areas. It’s wearable for snorkeling, swimming and water sports, or wherever the tide may take you. Choose from one color and two vivid patterns.  

Details, details, details! If you want full-coverage UV protection with feminine flair, you’ll love the front, center ruching of the Women’s Atitlan Ruched Swim Jacket. It’s great for swimming, water skiing and surfing. You’ll also enjoy wearing it as a lightweight jacket over a tee or tank top or matching it with a fun pair of pants. It can be yours in two colors and two prints.  

  • Top off your look with a hat! Like your jewelry or purse, it’s an accessory that expresses your unique personality. The fedora is a hat with tons of character and has been associated with Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart and even Britney Spears. Our snazzy Women’s Lucca Fedora has something that theirs don’t, though -- 50+ UPF protection.  

If you want a larger, less structured hat, our brand-new Women’s Novara Wide Brim Hat is perfect for easing back in a chaise lounge with a frosty glass of lemonade in hand.  

Ever have a beach hat that was ruined when a gust of wind whisked it into the ocean or the pool? Well, that won’t be a problem when you wear the Women’s Chlorine Resistant Bucket Hat. It’s chlorine and saltwater-resistant, stays in place and is also a great multipurpose hat suitable for walking, hiking or hitting the links. Choose your favorite from seven colors.  

Patchington resort wear is designed to give you the best vacation experience possible. We strive to send you on a trip where you look good, feel good and have the ultimate sun protection from clothing that blocks 98 percent of dangerous UV rays. Visit our online boutiques and get ready for your best vacation yet.