Made in the USA - Memorial Day 2015

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, we are all prepping for the unofficial start of summer to begin. Some of us may be celebrating with a barbecue, a beautiful day on the lake or even an Island getaway. No matter where you are headed this upcoming 3-day weekend, there will be one question on everyone’s mind…”what will I wear?” We may not be there to rummage through the closet with you, but we are still here to help. We have come up with 3 great trends that will take you wherever you’re going, not only looking great but feeling great too.

The best part is that they are all garments made in the United States. A great way to celebrate our country is to do our part in supporting our community. At Patchington, we are focused on seeking out fabulous fashions manufactured right here in the United States of America. Made in the USA products are an important asset because they create and help sustain jobs right here at home. So, while choosing our outfits for this weekend, let’s choose brands that not only help keep us on trend, but brands that we can be proud of as well.