Casual Chic

Every month our local Florida, Patchington stores do a WOW Fashion Show, highlighting a specific trend. This month our trend is Casual Chic. You may be thinking, what is Casual Chic? Casual Chic is about creating a lifestyle around key linen pieces mixed in with our core basic items to create a chic spring wardrobe.

 Before we dive into the fashion let’s talk about some advantages of linen.  I think the most controversial one is that you think you have to iron linen and this is false. Linen looks better with creases its part of the charm of the natural fabric. Linen is also static-free, it does not accumulate static electricity. Linen is super absorbent can absorb as much as 20% of its weight and is hypoallergenic. Last but not least linen is a natural fiber made from the flax plant, which does not require any pesticides or additional water. Linen is organic, biodegradable, and recyclable.

linen dresses with tee shirt

We paired these gorgeous linen dresses with our basic tee underneath. We know many women hate showing their arms and this is a chic way to wear these dresses.

linen tunics with capris and leggings

The white linen tunic styled with the navy zipper capris or the yellow print tunic with white Coolibar leggings both pop with some fabulous jewelry.

white linen culotte pants

These white linen culotte pants are perfect with a white tank and a black popcorn poncho is perfect for a night out.

white linen blouse with denim

The white linen button-front blouse with an ivory tank and a funky pair of jeans are perfect for a casual lunch or evening dinner.

citron linen blouse with toile print pants

Citron and navy are one of my favorite color combinations and here with the toile print pants, the citron linen button-front blouse paired with a dusty rose bracelet is a modern casual look.

citron linen culotte pants with stripe tassel tee shirt

My favorite outfit is this black and white stripe tassel tee with the citron linen culotte pants, with these fun black and silver jewelry. This is such a fun outfit for any occasion.

white linen tunic dress with leggings

This beautiful white linen tunic dress might be a little too sheer for most so styled with this denim looking legging and funky black and silver accessories.

To shop all the fashions you’ve seen above or questions visit one of our 14 locations in Florida or shop online 24/7. At Patchington, our love of the resort lifestyle is contagious.